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This is the product that you have been waiting for!

With all of the new technology available today software engineers and programmers pool their knowledge and brainstorm to create the biggest and most elaborate software that their skills will allow then to create.

The software that they create will do so much that the average computer user only learns 15% or less of what the program has to offer and the other 85% only gets into the way.

We were a part of this struggle to show all the knowledge that we have learned over the years and boast of the elaborate complicated software that we developed when we stumbled on this novel idea.

While joking around at the end of a hard day someone said, "What if we designed Simple Electrical Estimating Program?"

Software with the following concept in mind...

It must work flawless
It must create amazingly accurate estimates
It must be simple to modify
It must be easy to use and no instructions necessary
It must perform super fast estimates
It must be created with zero waste.

It must contain real assemblies and work with the least amount of input possible.

What a Great Idea...
So We Did It!

The Name Says It All


Now we are offering you this software for you to view FREE and you won't believe the results.


The easiest, best, most user friendly, accurate, estimating system ever invented!

Specially designed for the first time estimator or electrician wanting to bid his own work.

All you have to do is click a button, insert your quantities, and win your bid.

See for yourself

Download it today.

Simplicity at it’s best



Easy Bid is so Easy

Easy Bid was created by 1CEES
Electrical Estimating Software

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Other product offerings


"Panel Schedule Creator"

Create professional panel schedules for only $19.95

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1st Choice Electrical Estimating Software

If you need


Electrical Estimating Software

That offers more flexibility try the

1st Choice Electrical Estimating System

A Better Way To Estimate”

Win more bids for under$300.00

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Digi Count Takeoff Pro

Do your takeoff directly from your computer screen.
Digi Count Takeoff Pro is the future of digital takeoff technology.
With the cost of printing plans at about $5.00 a sheet that makes
Digi Count Takeoff Pro virtually free.

Make no mistake paper plans will be phased out!

Don’t be left behind!

Download a free trial today

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Best Bid

Electrical Estimating Software.

The best estimating software on the market.

Interest free financing

You set the payments.

Now anyone can afford the best!

Ask about our new
Bid Keeper
Project Manager Software

Automatically create change orders, proposals, and request for information, fast and simple.

Keep track of who has paid and who owes.

Follow job performance of each employee.


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Why waste your time by paper estimating ?

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